Monday, November 7, 2016

Makeup Free Face For Your Photo Shoot

Here you are... ready to do your professional photo shoot and like always, you don't wear makeup and want to keep it that way.  

You decided that's who you are and your photos should reflect that.  Great decision!  You should be yourself, always.  I'm going to give you some great tips on how to come bare faced and still look stunning for your next photo session.

Here's why: Cameras today are extremely high resolution and every single flaw will show.  So what's the solution?

1. Water -  Drink lots of water before your session, start a day or even two days before.  Hydrating skin is a must!

2. Exfoliate - Time to take all that dry dead skin off your face. It'll gives you a natural glow.

3. Sunblock -  Great way to really put on the glow. I like to use a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher.

4. Biore - What is that? Is those nose strips that take out black heads off your nose, and yes have your partner do one too.  If your not using foundation, all those black heads will show.

5. Exfoliate -  Yes, I have to mention again.  Your lips ladies, having dry, chapped lips ages you and makes you look tired.  Using a little brown sugar and olive oil mix is great on the lip.  Mix both and gentle rub your lips until all dead skin is gone, follow with lip balm and/or lip gloss.

6. Mascara -  I know you want a makeup free face, but trust me, a little mascara goes a long way, if color on your lashes are a no-no... go for clear mascara.

7. Pinch Away -  Yes, take those little fingers of yours and pinch your cheeks. It would give a natural rosy look to your cheeks, do it right before the session.  Having a little color on your face, gives you a rested, natural look.

8. Teeth -  Flossing is major here, get those teeth ready for your big smile.  I recommend investing in whitening strips for a week, nothing makes you look younger than whiter teeth.

9. Blemish -  If you happen to have a blemish, cover up with a little concealer.  If you have an acne problem, you will need to use a foundation to cover up, try using a BB cream concealer, they're really light.

10. Eyebrows -  they frame your face, a quick trim & clean up is a must.  I like to use a little clear mascara to groom them.