Monday, November 7, 2016

Makeup Free Face For Your Photo Shoot

Here you are... ready to do your professional photo shoot and like always, you don't wear makeup and want to keep it that way.  

You decided that's who you are and your photos should reflect that.  Great decision!  You should be yourself, always.  I'm going to give you some great tips on how to come bare faced and still look stunning for your next photo session.

Here's why: Cameras today are extremely high resolution and every single flaw will show.  So what's the solution?

1. Water -  Drink lots of water before your session, start a day or even two days before.  Hydrating skin is a must!

2. Exfoliate - Time to take all that dry dead skin off your face. It'll gives you a natural glow.

3. Sunblock -  Great way to really put on the glow. I like to use a moisturizer with SPF 15 or higher.

4. Biore - What is that? Is those nose strips that take out black heads off your nose, and yes have your partner do one too.  If your not using foundation, all those black heads will show.

5. Exfoliate -  Yes, I have to mention again.  Your lips ladies, having dry, chapped lips ages you and makes you look tired.  Using a little brown sugar and olive oil mix is great on the lip.  Mix both and gentle rub your lips until all dead skin is gone, follow with lip balm and/or lip gloss.

6. Mascara -  I know you want a makeup free face, but trust me, a little mascara goes a long way, if color on your lashes are a no-no... go for clear mascara.

7. Pinch Away -  Yes, take those little fingers of yours and pinch your cheeks. It would give a natural rosy look to your cheeks, do it right before the session.  Having a little color on your face, gives you a rested, natural look.

8. Teeth -  Flossing is major here, get those teeth ready for your big smile.  I recommend investing in whitening strips for a week, nothing makes you look younger than whiter teeth.

9. Blemish -  If you happen to have a blemish, cover up with a little concealer.  If you have an acne problem, you will need to use a foundation to cover up, try using a BB cream concealer, they're really light.

10. Eyebrows -  they frame your face, a quick trim & clean up is a must.  I like to use a little clear mascara to groom them.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Backyard Wedding

    Many couples consider getting married backyard style... especially in Phoenix Arizona and Southern California areas where the weather is almost always sunny. Backyard weddings can be intimate and at times extremely beautiful. There are so many reasons why backyard wedding are a great idea, here are a few tips to help plan a successful backyard wedding.

    Backyard Wedding Planning
      Backyard Wedding Planning 
  • Location and Space. If your backyard is large, beautifully landscaped and you have plenty of space for guests, it will definately work. 

  • The Details. Details make a backyard look amazing. I love when good china is introduced, rather than paper plates. But if china is not on the budget, go with a higher end disposable tableware. Check out: 

  • Flowers. If you can splurge on flowers, go for it. I recommend Costco, Sam's, local farmer market, or a flower broker to save money. Having real flowers gives your backyard a gorgeous touch. To create your own stunning DIY flowers, check our Pinterest for great ideas. Just make sure you don’t over do it. 

  • Tables and chairs. You can contact a local event rental company. Check out for awesome ideas and prices. Here’s a great idea for you. Make it one long table, Tuscan style. It really helps with people interacting with each other. 

  • Lighting. Okay here’s the big one! Lighting! Basically, if you've hired a professional photographer, they need light to create beautiful photos. Call around for companies that rent and set lighting for you or go to Target and save. Wrap every tree and line the fence. My personal favorite is hanging lamps and lanterns. 

  • Tents or not. Tents are real nice if you're planning a formal style wedding or if the weather isn't just perfect.

  • Music. Hire a professional DJ, you won’t regret it. 

  • Beverage. Having a bartender is a great idea, but if the budget does not allow it, line up metal buckets and designate each for alcohol, water and sodas. 

  • The food. If your family wants to handle the cooking, that’s great, make sure they have plenty of help. You want them to enjoy this day with you as well. 

  • Neighbors. Don’t forget to let the neighbors know that you’re getting married and that cars will be lining the street. Send them an invite... Better than a visit from the local police. 

  • Wedding Party. One big stress for the bride and groom is having too many people getting ready at the same place. Sounds like fun, but in the end, the space is a total mess and the bride and groom end up stressed out. 

  • Last but not least, hire a professional photographer. Amazing photos on your special day are a must. Arrange for a park or beautiful location near your home for the bride/groom photos.
Check out our Pinterest board for more great ideas!

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

How to Help Your Wedding Photographer When Planning Your Big Day

Phoenix Wedding Photography Planning
Wedding Photography Planning
For as long as I can remember, hiring a professional wedding photographer has been a "must do" to guarantee great images of your special day. A professional wedding photographer should know your wedding day timeline, but more importantly, should know how to anticipate key moments and be ready to capture them. This somewhat "psychic" skill only comes with experience. By seeing and doing often enough, a well prepared photographer should come to know what to expect on your big day.
As a wedding photographers, I can tell you that there are many things that can make or break your day when it comes to photography. A beautiful image takes time and much effort. It requires thoughtful composition and correct lighting. A little cooperation and trust (from a client) helps a lot too.

Here's a small list of wedding photography (do's and don'ts) you should considered.
  • Allow time for pre-ceremony portraits and details photos. This will free up (much needed and appreciated) time during cocktail hour. Consider a bride and groom "First Look". Plan a special moment to see each other before the ceremony begins and have your wedding photographer capture that special time. Also plan time for multiple locations and possible travel when planning pre-ceremony photos. 
  • Be on time! Go over the time line with everyone involved, including your wedding party, family, and makeup artist. Many times when things are running late, it's because of something that could have easily been avoided, like a makeup artist having no idea what time the bride and bridesmaids need to be ready.
  • Use time wisely. Meet with your wedding photography team and go over the timeline. If you are on a budget, we recommend using more of the daylight hours to capture your beautiful images. 
  • Take advantage of daylight. There's no denying that a "sunset ceremony" is beautiful, but unless you are planning a "first look" before the ceremony, there will not be adequate daylight time for bride & groom photos. Be sure to research the sunset time on your wedding day and plan your wedding timeline accordingly.
  • Unplug your guests during ceremony. Considered this... no cells phones, cameras or ipads during your ceremony. When you are getting married, I believe that everyone invited should be present and in the moment with you. You've paid a lot of money for professionals to take photos and you want your images to look clean and beautiful during your ceremony, not distracted by your guests phones in the air and in the isle. Ask your priest, officiant, rabbi, etc... to make that announcement. Trust me on this one... Imagine one of your guests blocking your photographer from getting your "first kiss" or your "walk down the aisle", just for that under exposed low resolution smart phone photo that you will never see anyway?
  • Family and wedding party portraits. This is where the timeline comes in handy for all parties involved. Use the wedding rehearsal as a time to let everyone know the wedding day schedule and the time/location for group photos. These groups typically consist of immediate family and wedding party only.
  • Bride and Groom "Couples" photos. Okay all you "brides to be"... VERY BIG DEAL HERE. During the most important couple's portrait time, your photographer should have zero interruptions. Having other people around is a major distraction for you and will disrupt the photographer's flow. Un-needed distractions will make it extremely difficult for the couple to focus on each other and will interrupt your photographer's creative time. In many cases the couple session gets cut short due to the wedding starting late and dinner service being on time, which makes it more crucial the photographer have uninterrupted time with the couple.
  • Last but not least, please relax and enjoy your day. Couples (at times) can be very nervous and/or distracted by the days event. It is so important (for you and your photographer) that you relax, enjoy yourself and have fun on the biggest day of your life
Happy Wedding Planning!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016



Here we go... 2016 is here!

WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGE GIVEAWAYThis an awesome time to reflect on 2015 and set new goals.  I realized that goals are really important in order to accomplish greater things in your life. The key is to start with one or two goals at a time, this seems that works best for us.

After much thought about what our goals should be,  a couple of important things come in mind. This year we want to give back through wedding/photo session giveaways, as well as get our work out to the world by submitting to wedding magazines and websites that focus on what we love.

We also want to shoot more destination weddings. Places like Northern California, Beautiful Colorado, Seattle, Belize, Baja California, you name it. We love to travel and are excited at the prospect of working in new places.

This year we are doing both with our first ever wedding giveaway!


Ladies and Gentlemen...whoopie! 

If you are wedding planning, (or know a really deserving couple who is) be sure to carefully read the details below to get yourself entered.

The Prize

The winning couple will receive a $2500 Wedding Package, including: 
  • 8 hours of wedding day coverage (by Johnny and Taylor) from Studio 616 Photography
  • 600+ professionally edited images
  • DVD or Image Download & Print Release
  • An online gallery that will remain live for one year after the event
  • Custom Prints Package
  • A gorgeous 11"x14" wedding Album

Contest Rules
  • You can nominate yourself or someone else
  • Couple must currently be engaged and have a wedding date and venue secured
  • Location of wedding must be outside of a 200 mile radius from Phoenix, AZ
  • Travel Fee’s not included.  Winner will be responsible for airfare, hotel and transportation
  • Travel is to be booked by Studio 616 Photography
  • Couples may not have an existing contract with us or with another photographer
  • Winning couple will be chosen based on availability of date, wedding location and story.


How To Enter

  • Simply email us at with the subject “Wedding Giveaway” and include the following info:
    • Full name of both bride and groom being nominated
    • The wedding date, venue, location
    • Contact info for the couple - email and phone number
    • The Story! tell us why this couple is deserving, and why they should win
  • Attach a picture of the couple that may be used when the winner is announced
  • All Submission must be completed by 11:59pm on March 31st, 2016!

Good luck!