Friday, August 30, 2013

Wedding Day Photograph Schedule

How To Plan Your Wedding Day 

and Schedule Time Needed For Wedding Day Photographs 


Wedding photography has evolved over the years and today's modern wedding photography doesn't require you to cram all of your photography into one day... Your already crazy & hectic wedding day!


I recommend scheduling a separate "formal couples session", so we can capture those amazing wedding shots at a time when you're relaxed, not stressed from the wedding day and there's not so many distractions. This works great, when it can work out... But unfortunately it doesn't always work and many times all of the photos have to be done on the day of your wedding.

Things To Remember When 

Planning Your Wedding Day Timeline

  1.  Plan your day with wedding photography in mind
    • So often the day is planned and the photo times are just stuck in between ceremony and reception. This may not always work when we want those sunset shots.
  2.  If the timeline is tight, plan some time for photos before the ceremony. If you are planning a non- traditional wedding and the bride and groom will see each other before the ceremony, this works perfect! 
    • Have everyone plan on being dressed and ready at least one hour before the ceremony, and be ready for some group shots!
    • Even if you are not planning on seeing each other beforehand, many family shots can be taken early to save time.
  3. Your "formals" or couples shots are most important and the ones you will be looking at most often in 2 years, 5 years, 10 years... And they are definately the ones you will be showing off to your friends and posting on facebook!!
    • Decide what time you want to have the bride and groom formals taken
    • Schedule time in your day for those shots even if it's sunset and everyone is waiting for you at the reception
  4. Remember it's your day and when it's all over, all you have is your wedding photography. Make sure to schedule time for the photos YOU want!

Here is a 6 Hour Wedding Day Timeline 

With A Wedding Photography Shot list built in.

We have a more detailed wedding photography shot list, but this will get you started...

wedding day timeline
Wedding Day Timeline Pg 1.

wedding day timeline
Wedding Day Timeline Pg 2.

Making your wedding day a success takes a team effort, so it is very important that all of your vendors work together AS A TEAM!!

Don't rely on just one schedule given to you by your reception manager or Dee-Jay... MAKE SURE you  get your photographer's opinion and plan your wedding day timeline with time scheduled for photography... At the time you want.

Monday, August 5, 2013

Wedding Photography Phoenix - Galleries

Studio 616 Photography - Wedding Photography Phoenix Galleries

We love photography and we hope our galleries  prove that. We take pride in providing the absolute best photography services in Phoenix Arizona (or where ever your destination may be). One of the things we love most about The Phoenix area, is the number of people we meet from all different parts of the country and world!

You can view all of our Phoenix Wedding Photography Wedding Galleries Here:

wedding photography phoenix
Wedding Photography Phoenix Galleries


Please visit STUDIO 616 PHOTOGRAPHY to view full wedding photography in phoenix and pricing specials!

Wedding Packages starting at $595