Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Backyard Wedding

    Many couples consider getting married backyard style... especially in Phoenix Arizona and Southern California areas where the weather is almost always sunny. Backyard weddings can be intimate and at times extremely beautiful. There are so many reasons why backyard wedding are a great idea, here are a few tips to help plan a successful backyard wedding.

    Backyard Wedding Planning
      Backyard Wedding Planning 
  • Location and Space. If your backyard is large, beautifully landscaped and you have plenty of space for guests, it will definately work. 

  • The Details. Details make a backyard look amazing. I love when good china is introduced, rather than paper plates. But if china is not on the budget, go with a higher end disposable tableware. Check out: www.eventswholesale.com 

  • Flowers. If you can splurge on flowers, go for it. I recommend Costco, Sam's, local farmer market, or a flower broker to save money. Having real flowers gives your backyard a gorgeous touch. To create your own stunning DIY flowers, check our Pinterest for great ideas. Just make sure you don’t over do it. 

  • Tables and chairs. You can contact a local event rental company. Check out http://www.forgetmenotvintageinc.com for awesome ideas and prices. Here’s a great idea for you. Make it one long table, Tuscan style. It really helps with people interacting with each other. 

  • Lighting. Okay here’s the big one! Lighting! Basically, if you've hired a professional photographer, they need light to create beautiful photos. Call around for companies that rent and set lighting for you or go to Target and save. Wrap every tree and line the fence. My personal favorite is hanging lamps and lanterns. 

  • Tents or not. Tents are real nice if you're planning a formal style wedding or if the weather isn't just perfect.

  • Music. Hire a professional DJ, you won’t regret it. 

  • Beverage. Having a bartender is a great idea, but if the budget does not allow it, line up metal buckets and designate each for alcohol, water and sodas. 

  • The food. If your family wants to handle the cooking, that’s great, make sure they have plenty of help. You want them to enjoy this day with you as well. 

  • Neighbors. Don’t forget to let the neighbors know that you’re getting married and that cars will be lining the street. Send them an invite... Better than a visit from the local police. 

  • Wedding Party. One big stress for the bride and groom is having too many people getting ready at the same place. Sounds like fun, but in the end, the space is a total mess and the bride and groom end up stressed out. 

  • Last but not least, hire a professional photographer. Amazing photos on your special day are a must. Arrange for a park or beautiful location near your home for the bride/groom photos.
Check out our Pinterest board for more great ideas!