Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Planning a Small Wedding in Phoenix, AZ

Part 1 of Series: 

How To Plan Your Small Wedding in Phoenix, AZ

How To Plan A Small phoenix Wedding
How To Plan A Small Wedding

Someone once said... Weddings are for the everyone you invite. Marriage??? Well... that’s a whole other story!

So here’s the scenario... 

  • You invited 30 guest, trying to keeping things simple and cheap. 
    • Family, maybe some friends, no bridesmaids, or maybe just one. 
    • You decided you're either going to use your backyard or your parents. 
    • Or... another family member has the perfect little backyard and guess what??? no charge!!! Sweet!!!

  • You bought your dress for a great price, and decide that you're going to ask your brother’s friend to DJ the party. And... his girlfriend took some college classes and now, (according to her) she is a  pro photographer and can take some shots for free or almost free. Oh yes... the food! That’s easy because your favorite restaurant caters…  All details and decorations DIY, thanks Pinterest!!!

Ah yes, “you did it” and it’s going to turn out fantastic!!! 

Believe me when I tell you... I wish, wish it was that simple! 
  • Planning a wedding for 500 guest or 30 guest or even 10 guests, takes much planning and a budget! But more than anything else... an eye for details. 
If you want that day to be perfect, you are going to need help! Know when to save and when to splurge. I’ve been photographing weddings for over 15 years, a professional photographer in Phoenix for over 20 and one thing I learned is that weddings take serious work! Even the small ones!

I've seen weddings crash and burn faster than the Hindenburg. Sad… but true. I’m creating a series of blogs to cover all the details without overwhelming you. I will be explaining how to best plan for your small wedding and (since I live and work in Phoenix, AZ) I will help you plan for the 4 hot months of and the other 8 months in beautiful Arizona weather!  

Are you ready?

  • What month are you going to get married in Phoenix Arizona?
    1. October - May (Wedding season)
    2. June - September (Off Season)
  • Is it 6 months from now or a year? That’s the first thing you need to do. 

One reason... vendors and seasons!

  • Weddings have seasons, and if you are about to choose October, (at least in Phoenix, AZ) you may have a bit of a problem, unless you are booking a year ahead. Great vendors with great reviews will book rather fast.
Great website to find vendors with reviews in your area: www.weddingwire.com

Here’s ours:

What to do next?

  • Make the list of the people you want at your wedding. Now remember... if you are trying to keep cost low, (this part is truly important) we tend to invite people we don’t even want there or allow your parents to make the list and next thing you know... you have 200 people sitting at your ceremony that you don't even know!
  • My take is: invite those that you and your fiancĂ© will LOVE to see on your special day. Including your parents, siblings, friend. Remember, it's all about support and again... LOVE!
  • From our experience only, (I can’t speak for others) the next thing I did was to decide where I wanted to get married.

Here are inexpensive but great ideas for you!

  1. Your Home

Phoenix Wedding Photographers - Wedding Planning
Planning A Small Wedding - Backyard

2. Family Member's Home
Phoenix Wedding Photographers - Wedding Planning
Planning A Small Wedding - Backyard

3. A Park

Phoenix Wedding Photographers - Wedding Planning
Planning A Small Wedding - The Park

4. The Beach

Phoenix Wedding Photographers - Wedding Planning
Planning A Small Wedding - The Beach

5. By a Lake

Phoenix Wedding Photographers - Wedding Planning
Planning A Small Wedding - The Lake

  • You can literally get some of these places for free or at a very low cost! 
I got married right in front of The Del Coronado Resort (on the beach) for free. Just as long as you have less than 25 guest and they don’t’ mind standing up.  Just make sure to keep things simple and to the point. (Details I found from my officiant).

Okay, for the sake of this article/blog... Let’s say you decide on #2. A family member's backyard. Here’s the next thing you need to take into consideration. 

  • Is the area big enough for the amount of guest you are inviting?  
  • Avoid at all cost cramming guest into a house. It can be done but it’s definitively a risk!


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