Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sedona Arizona Landmarks - Midgley Bridge

By: Studio 616 Photography

  • Sedona, AZ  

  • Midgley Bridge

Sedona Landmark Midgley Bridge
Midgley Bridge - Sedona, AZ

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Midgley Bridge is a famous landmark in Sedona and it is one of the first scenic overlooks of Oak Creek Canyon along Hwy 89a north of Sedona. The Midgley Bridge landmark is a beautiful site to photograph, hike, and explore the canyon. The drive takes about 5 minutes from uptown Sedona and you can park west of the Bridge to get out and take pictures or hike into the canyon down to the creek.

Once at Midgely Bridge you will have a great view of the mouth of Oak Creek Canyon. There is limited parking here, and it is another spot where you will need a parking pass.

Just to the west of the bridge is Wilson Mountain; a hiking trail begins just next to the parking lot. 

Another fun trail is Huckaby Trail, which takes you under Midgely Bridge to Oak Creek.

Sedona is truly an amazing place and Midgley Bridge is definitely a famous Sedona landmark.

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